Why Shark & Fox Co?

Why Shark & Fox Co?

I always hate when I go to a website and can't learn anything I really want to know about the company - like who started the business and what are their values? I like to know who I'm giving my money to, and I bet you do too.

Image of the Shark and Fox that inspired the Shark & Fox Co. brand.

The idea for Shark & Fox Co. was born back in 2018 while I (Ronni Morgan) was traveling solo and working hard to rebuild my life after events in 2017 left me feeling like a stranger in my own life.

For much of my adventure, my unlikely companions were a stuffed fox and a goofy looking, toothy-grinned stuffed shark.

Toothy Shark came with a story book. In it, they’re traveling far and wide looking for their home - only to discover it was right where they began all along.

Foxes urge us to act swiftly but be guided by our wisdom and intuition. The fox teaches us to be resourceful and flexible if we want to emerge victorious.

They were perfect travel buddies (and not just because they never argued w/ me about travel plans), but because what they represented was exactly what I needed - to find/redefine what home meant to me and to trust my inner knowing as I worked to rebuild both myself and my new business.

Welcome to Shark & Fox Co. - I hope you find some attire that speaks to you, makes you laugh, feel seen and maybe even motivate you to take that next scary step to actualize your dreams.

To learn more about creator, Ronni Morgan, check out her blog.

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